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Our Story

       from a dream to reality...       

With family members challenged by Diabetes, Autism, and Celiac Disease, Natural Day™ company co-founders, Douglas Day and his daughter Elizabeth, understand the importance of knowing what's in the products people use on a daily basis. One afternoon Doug was reading the ingredient label on his grandaughter's toothpaste and he was shocked to see that toothpaste marketed as safe for toddlers contained additives like propylene glycol and methylparaben. As a chemist, he knew these ingredients were not only harmful, they were also unnecessary so he and Lizzi spent months researching natural alternatives for dental hygiene then they literally went into the kitchen and began cooking up a better, healthier formula for toothpaste. The result of that experimentation is Natural Day™ Toothpaste, a great tasting toothpaste with a unique, velvety smooth texture the whole family will love, and most importantly users of all ages can be confident that it's not only effective but it's also safe!


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